Cocoles All White Citron™ Bag
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Cocoles All White Citron™ Bag

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    Squeeze De Citron features eye-catching, beautifully colored bags handmade from 100% vegan recyclable plastic and imported by Mexican artisans. Perfect for your every day lifestyle.

    Made from 100% recyclable plastic, these bags are hand crafted by Mexican artisans. Extremely durable with a rigid structure, they are water-proof and have long handles for easy use as a shoulder bag or handy-carry. Their unique texture and colors have made them perfect for any lifestyle activity, such as a beach day, boating, swimming, tennis, or golf. They are lightweight and made to last for years.

    When used on the beach, rinse bag with a hose and the sand will self-drain through the small fibers of the bag. These artisan bags are flexible, allowing them to be bent and folded without damage.

    Length: 14.9 in x Width: 7.9 in x Height: 16.5 in